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I blogged about the concept of concept crafts and my idea for a weather journal quilt on my blog, at:  http://home.earthlink.net/~wyverns/2013.01.01_arch.html

in sum, the idea is to "join the fun" or do something "with" friends wherein everyone does the same thing but gets different results, in this case by using the weather as the decision maker for design.  It was originally conceived as a knitting project, but translates and happily expands into quilting.  My quilting concept has several variations.  The one that follows the scarf design most closely is stripes formed by two rows of squares.  Each pair of squares together defines the weather of the day.  Each double row defines the weather of the month, and the trend in weather forms the design for the year.

The other design concept, more easily rendered as "block of the month" with either paired rectangles or half-square triangles.  My main hesitation over it was how to capture the flow of the weather from month to month, but I got an idea for that today: instead of arranging each month like a calendar, start in one corner, go pack and forth diagonally to the other corner for the month, then start the next block in the nearest corner.

I'm not planning to start any new quilts until it's too warm to lap quilt, so I was considering other years that I could do, like my birth year and the year I graduated from college, one for each half of a quilt of four rows of six blocks with a thin sashing around each block.  That still leaves some range for the half square triangles (or bow ties).


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