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Our current group projects include a Block-a-month Quilt-for-me Round Robin, a fund raiser group project, and a mystery quilt for an upcoming retreat.  It's not the most cohesive group I've belonged to but we work at it and it keeps going,just very variable in levels of participation and agreeing to projects...  I know it's doable even with very mixed skill levels, style preferences, but I never realized how many different philosophies, values, approaches to a group project there might be!  Our current fund raiser project is beyond my comprehension as to how it got chosen. 

It's a very pretty quilt design but one that would be far easier to do as a weekend quilt for a couple of people than one that can be worked on by a dozen people, and it's not like we even addressed the possibility of taking turns - each person doing one step, or getting together for a project day.  Different people have volunteered to shop and iron the fabric, but will one person cut and one person sew, then we're done?  That's not our usual approach and it leaves most of the group out.  Really, it was just the most definitive suggestion (the others were things like Sampler- theme TBD)  and therefore  the only one with a picture, so people decided to go with that because ti was pretty, with no consideration of the idea that it was intended to be a group project at all, or that any of the others would be at least as pretty.

Anyway, it all seems a bit arbitrary and not thought out and sometimes it seems that whoever is pushiest just gets their way, only we have several people who take turns pushing their ideas through and not a one of them quite remembers the idea it to function as a group at least some of the time. 

How does your group work?  What works and what doesn't?  Can any kind of quilt be done as a group?
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